There are some rules to remember :-)


First 10GHz EME module did not work well so I took a decision to build all again but on a difrerent way.


Front-to-dish view of new module for 10GHz. Teflon covers alu case.


A piece of metal sheet plays role of "umbrella" for heatsink and PAPST 12-24V fan. You can see my SMA (8) wrench.


How it looks inside? uWave ham's nightmare :-)


A part of WR90 waveguide, DC-DC (14 to 27V) converter, coax relay beetwen transverter and preamplifier.


Flexible waveguide, PS (230V to 14V), driver for latching relays and part of waveguide switch


Military socket for 230V and PTT/preamp drive, IF output and 10MHz reference input on N's


Preamp (attached to WG switch) and its latching relay.


Heatsink and fan for driver and PA, cavity filter with circulator and attenuator are visible.


Transverter with 2W/10dB attenuator, filter, WG to coax transition attached to WG switch


TX-path coax latch relay and PE1RKI driver (1.2mW to 400mW)


DL2AM SSPA, small like a pack of cigarettes.


Everything on right place


Most of hardware is made of stainless stell.


Feed atached to waveguide and twisted to keep vertical polarisation

Old feed with choke "ring" was usefull before I use PE1RKI precisly machined linear feed.



My echo on 10GHz affected by significant libration. Spread of signal was around 120Hz.


Echo on 10GHz, lowest libration so far (spread ~74Hz). Quite good and AUDIBLE :-)
CW QSO is absolutley possible. I did one with PA0BAT. Thanks !



Aim and shot - it is quite usefull when feed or module has to be precisly located in dish focus plane


Cables and 23cm preamp are covered by plastic bag to keep them dry.


Vertical polarisation of waveguide and feed.


Daddy - do I ever EME?
Yes, my son.


Thats great dad :-)



  SQ7D HA/G3WDG 2016-09-25 08:52:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000 FIRST SP-HA
  SQ7D G4CBW 2016-09-25 08:39:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000  
  SQ7D UA4HTS 2016-09-25 07:54:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000  
  SQ7D HB9Q 2016-09-25 07:43:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000  
  SQ7D OZ1LPR 2016-09-25 07:18:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000  
  SQ7DQX OK1KIR 2014-08-29 11:32:00 3CM CW 10368.00000  
  SQ7DQX OZ1LPR 2014-08-24 10:32:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000  
  SQ7DQX PA0BAT 2014-08-21 12:21:00 3CM CW 10368.00000  
  SQ7DQX OK1KIR 2014-08-19 06:59:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000  
  SQ7DQX OK1KIR 2014-08-19 06:57:00 3CM JT4 10368.00000


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